Writing styles

After all these years I’ve finally pegged my writing style — simple, soulful, silly. —“Ink marrow,” 2009

On the days I’ve had too much coffee, my writing style turns to overcaffeinated spiritual warrior. —“Kiai!,” 2012

After thirty-four years of writing, I feel that I’m finally about to break free from my juvenilia phase. In a few more years. —“Self-taut,” 2019

—Terri Guillemets

Tools for writing

awareness, audacity, awe
authenticity, acumen, angels
coffee, curiosity, cats
dreams, decision, desire, direction, devils
erasers, endurance, experiments
fearlessness, flexibility
grit, guts, goals
honesty, hyperbole, hunger
ink, ingenuity, insanity, insomnia, insecurity
intention, intellect, insight, intuition
purpose, pain, passion, perspective, personality
rawness, reverie, reference
soul, style, spunk, sense, solitude, silence
substance, stubbornness, struggle, sweat
sagacity, skepticism, stationery
typewriter, tea, time
wit, wisdom, what-ifs
wistfulness, wine, window, wings

—Terri Guillemets


Other than actually putting pen to paper, I can’t think of another more important duty of the writer than to stare wistfully out a window.

—Terri Guillemets