There are actually eight…

It’s a sin to waste chocolate.  It’s in the Bible.  Ghirardelli® 3:17.

Said in conversation out at dinner with my husband. We split a piece of chocolate cake for dessert and he was going to leave some of his half behind! As if. So I had to eat the rest of it for him. 😂 And thinking my tipsy self funny, I posted the quip to The Quote Garden when we got home, then promptly forgot about it.

About a year and a half later, my mom and I walked into a Fresh & Easy market in Phoenix for groceries. She always looks at the greeting cards in stores, and she called me over to show me that this quote had been used on a card they were selling by Viabella. Pretty cool. –tg, 2015

Ink well

Ink surrounds me all the time
On my bed sheets, recorded in rhyme
Quills ’ever scribbling in my head
Sometimes damnit I forget what they said.
Ink has settled into my fingerprints
But to keep the words I fear to rinse…

I scribbled down this little lighthearted verse one day and posted it to The Quote Garden for fun. A few years later, I found out that someone actually got the last two lines as a tattoo! Pretty cool. –tg, 2016

Year-round gratitude

Spring is being blessed and happy,
      with blooming flowers.
Summer is being blessed and hot,
      with abundant sunshine.
Autumn is being blessed and reflective,
      with colored leaves.
Winter is being blessed and chilly,
      with sparkling snow.

Very cool! This poem was used in a beautiful artwork by Kaori Ogawa titled “Four Seasons,” displayed at the Filoli Garden Inspirations Calligraphy Exhibit in California. And even cooler, the art was chosen to be featured on the publicity postcard for the event. –tg, 2017

Get on it

When it comes to eating right and exercising, there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease.

This was written at a time when I would sit most of the day, eat lots of junk food, and weighed in at about 210 pounds. I didn’t actually get my act together and start getting healthier until a couple of years later. My diary entries seldom turn to immediate action, it seems.  –tg, 2015

This quote has really gotten around. It was tweeted by Jillian Michaels in 2009. It was used in the Primal Blueprint book series by Mark Sisson. And it was also in a 2012 book titled Health… The Reader’s Digest Version by Joe Kita and the staff of Reader’s Digest magazine. Very cool!  –tg, 2017